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 Welcome to the Islamic Center of Irving Outreach Department webpage!  We are located at the Islamic Center of Irving in Irving, Texas on 2555 Esters Road. Our main goal is to be a resource of Islamic information for the non-Muslim public interested in learning more about Islam.  Please feel free to navigate our site, which several different features to assist you in gaining more knowledge about Islam:


  • A multimedia section, with videos and audio introductions to Islam, as well as videos of some of our past open houses and Discover Islam courses.
  • Valuable links to even more learning resources on Islam across the World Wide Web.
  • Our events calendar, including up-to-date announcements on events occurring at Islamic Center of Irving such as open houses, and basic course on Islam. And even better, subscribe to our mailing list to receive special advanced notice of all of our future events!
  • Got Questions? Get Answers! Go to our questions section to ask any question (s) you might have. Also, check our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section. The answer to your question might already be there, waiting for you to read it!
  • Interested in visiting the Islamic Center of Irving? It would be our honor and pleasure to host you! Please fill out our brief visitor request form. In addition, you’ll also find helpful tips and information on the etiquettes of visiting a mosque.
  • Get a FREE copy of the Qur’an! Fill out our Free Quran Request form and receive a free English translation of the Qur’an, along with brochures and books on Islam.
  • Considering embracing Islam? Information on how to become a Muslim is available here.
  • Are you a new Muslim needing help with learning more about the faith? Please visit our comprehensive new Muslim section, filled with helpful learning resources as well as inspirational stories and testimonials. Also, fill out our mentor form to request a brother or sister to help you in your journey!
  • Let your opinion be heard! Please visit our feedback section to let us know what you think about our site, post comments about a recent event of ours, or to let us know how we can improve our site to meet your needs. Thank you!
  • We thank you for visiting our site and hope it helps in enlightening and expanding your knowledge of Islam. Enjoy!





Free Qur'an Request

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Pillars of Islam

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  • 1. Shahada (testimony)
  • 2. Salah (prayer)
  • 3. Zakah (charity)
  • 4. Saum (fast)
  • 5.Hajj (pilgrimage)