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New Muslim Program

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Program Description

 The ICI Outreach new Muslim program's main purpose is to provide support of varying kinds to our new Muslim brothers and sisters reverts, whether one day or one year (or more) into the faith, insha’Allah.
Educational Support:
ICI Outreach holds weekly classes for new Muslims, including Islam 101, Islam 102 and Arabic 101 class. Please click here for class descriptions and to enroll.
Social Support:
ICI Outreach offers various types of social support for our new Muslim brothers and sisters newly converted to Islam. They include: 
  • Ansaar (mentor) program –  New to Islam? The Islamic Center of Irving Outreach department offers a free mentor program for all new Muslims recently converted to Islam. Your mentor, or ansaar, will be a friend, supporter, and information resource for you during these days of learning and growing in the deen (Islam), insha’Allah. We carefully work to match you with a suitable mentor to address your specific needs, including, but not limited to, social support, and gaining basic Islamic knowledge. To take part in this program, please click on the New Muslim application form. If you are interested in mentoring a new Muslim, please fill out our New Muslim Ansaar application form.

  • Events and activities - held on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, includes monthly gatherings, Ramadan iftars, 'Eid gatherings, workshops, etc.

  • Services: moving assistance, membership card to local Muslim businesses, assisting with special occasions(weddings, newborns, death, etc.)
      If you have any questions or need more information about the above activities, please contact us.