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PRAYER (Salat)

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 The prayer, or Salat in Arabic, is the second pillar of Islam and the single most important act of worship a Muslim will engage in his or her lifetime. As it is performed five times daily, it allows to worshipper to establish a strong relationship and connection with the Creator, as well as create an avenue for the forgiveness of sins committed in one’s life (see ‘Importance and benefit of prayer’ section for more explanation).

This prayer section is designed to: 
  • Give background knowledge about the five daily prayers and other types of additional, voluntary prayers in Islam,
  • Guide you in learning how to pray each prayer in their correct manner,
  • Teach the wudu or the ritual washing required before each prayer
  • Present certain supplications or du’as which can be recited at certain points of the prayer
  • Direct you to additional learning resources
 In order to assist you in successfully and correctly learning the above, we strongly advise you attend our Islam 101 classes held at our center (please visit our events calendar for a schedule of classes) and/or work with a knowledgeable individual in the subject (please contact the outreach department to be connected with a learning mentor).